What’s the Difference From One Cigar Lighter to the Next?

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A flame is a flame is a flame…right? Not at all! Just try to use a cheap lighter in a strong breeze…you cannot possibly keep the flame alive. This is because the lighter is designed to work only in the best conditions and has no guards or options for supplying the user with flame. You can say a lot about the different types of cigar lighters on the market too. For example, there are very “low end” lighters that are basically meant to be used and tossed in the trash after only a short time, and then there are some models that will last for years, but also come with a hefty price tag.

Which are the right cigar lighters for your needs? We’ll skip to the chase and tell you that any lighter is going to get so much wear and tear that it will eventually need a bit of repair work, and if the thing is poorly made there may not be an option for fixing it. While you can “coast along” for a few years using shoddy lighters, why waste the money and experience the hassles when you can just step up to the plate and invest in a high end model right away.

How do you distinguish? Well, in the world of cigar lighters you can really judge the book by the cover. This means that you can use the exterior design and materials to let you know if the lighter is going to be a worthwhile expense or a waste of time and money. For example, you can find a single flame torch lighter for just a few bucks, and this might serve your needs for a while, but it isn’t going to give you any control over the size of the flame or the rate of fuel consumption.

Instead of continually buying a five or ten dollar lighter, we suggest that you just jump right into the cigar lighters that cost a bit more but which come with the kinds of features and reputations that ensure quality. For instance, you could easily spend around thirty five to forty dollars on a lighter and get it all “tricked out” with dual flames, adjustable controls, and more.

The reason you should go for the higher end cigar lighters is pretty simple…smoking cigars is equal parts experience and quality tobacco. You can have a top rate cigar but an unenjoyable smoking experience because the lighter failed or made it tough to get the cigar started.

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