What Makes a Good Ashtray for Cigars?

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If you enjoy smoking a fine cigar, you likely know that there are many essential accessories that you need.  Items like butane torch lighters are essential, but you will also need several other items. For instance, you could certainly make use of a quality cigar holder for transportation of your cigars.  You also need a good ashtray.  What makes a good ashtray for cigars?  You certainly don’t want to use those ugly, tiny things made for cigarettes.  Likewise, many modern ashtrays are simply unusable for those who smoke cigars.  What should you find?

Glass – Heavy, glass ashtrays are eminently suited for cigar smokers.  Glass can look quite stylish, is heavy enough to prevent accidental tipping and can be found in a wide range of styles.  However, you will need to ensure that the ashtray offers the holders sized to fit the stogies of your choice.  You will also need to ensure that the design of the ashtray meshes with your smoking style; some even offer holders for butane torch lighters or other devices.

Metal – Metal ashtrays can be quality, though there are many inferior ones on the market.  However, if you are able to locate a heavy metal ashtray, it can put you in good stead for many years. Of course, you will need to ensure that the metal ashtray you choose offers the same benefits as a glass ashtray, including design and cigar holders.

Ceramic – Ceramic ashtrays can be quite lovely and will make a unique centerpiece for your smoking area.  In addition, large ceramic ashtrays (large enough to hold the ashes from two cigars) are usually more affordable than glass or metal ashtrays.  However, the problem with ceramic is that it is often more fragile than other options available.

When choosing ashtrays for your smoking area, you can look for options where you purchase butane torch lighters and other essentials.  Any tobacco shop, catalog or website should offer numerous options to help you obtain the ashtray that you need for better comfort and enjoyment during your smoking.

Finding a provider offering a quality ashtray isn’t terribly difficult.  You’ll find that most companies feature butane torch lighters, ashtrays, cigars, humidors and other essentials at good prices.  Make sure, however, that the ashtray you choose is large enough to accommodate the ashes from at least two cigars, as well as offering you a nice focal point.

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