What Does It Mean To Cap A Cigar?

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Understanding the many terms related to the world of cigar smoking will help you to gain a deeper appreciation for the popular hobby and will assist you in enhancing your smoking experience. Capping is one term that most people who do not enjoy cigars will be unaware of. This term refers to cutting the end of a cigar cap off. While not all cigars will include caps, many do and it is important to understand how to cap a cigar properly.

New smokers typically get excited about enjoying their first smoke with a few of their friends, but might feel intimidated by not knowing some of the language their friends are using. For example, a friend who is a more experienced smoker might mention something about “capping.” Most new smokers do not know what that term means. Capping is basically the process of cutting and removing the cap from the head of the cigar so that it can be smoked.

The cap is glued to the head of the cigar in order to hold the cigar together and to keep the wrapper from unraveling and the tobacco from falling out and drying out. The cap keeps the whole cigar together and helps preserve the moisture of the tobacco and its flavor. Capping is an extremely important part of the cigar smoking experience. The quality of the capping will dramatically impact the quality of the cigar’s flavor.

It’s important to note that there are many different types of cutters out there as well. In addition to those listed above, some people prefer to use a sharp knife for capping their cigars. Others prefer to use cigar scissors to do the job. You should experiment with different cutters to find the style that you prefer.

As you can see, there are many ways to accomplish cigar capping. Most cigar fans try out several different ways of capping before settling on one method. The type of capping you choose may also depend on the shape and/or size of a cigar.

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