Lighter Review: Black Ops Kilo Triple Flame Torch Lighter with Punch Cutter

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The Black Ops Kilo Triple Flame Torch Cigar Lighter with Punch Cutter has a triangular shape to it and a ruberized, matte finish. The bottom of the lighter has a refill valve and flame adjustment knob and the front of the lighter has a retractable punch cutter. This lighter has a single action ignition system with a slide button that has a small lip on the bottom for better grip.

The case that comes with the lighter is an ABS plastic travel case. The back of the case has a piano hinge that adds support and durability to the case and the case also has a lanyard that you can attach to a backpack.

The front of the case has to clasps that help to create a nice, tight seal. The inside lid of the case has a built-in foam humidifier that you can add distilled water or activator solution to. The ridged piece of foam on the inside replaces the foam that the lighter and guillotine cutter are embedded in to transform the case into a travel humidor.

The perimeter of the inside of the bottom of the case has a rubber o-ring that meshes with a hard, plastic ridge on the inside of the lid to create an airtight and waterproof seal. The o-ring is also removable in case you need to clean anything out from underneath it.

The case also contains a precision cut, dual blade guillotine cutter that ensures that the perfect amount of cigar is cut off.

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