How to Store Butane for a Lighter

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If you own a butane lighter that is refillable, having extra butane stored so that it is readily available is important regardless of how long your lighter lasts on a single refill. Otherwise, you may have to settle for something less than desirable to light your cigar or pipe with when you want to enjoy a smoke.

Butane lighters are the best options for discerning smokers, who enjoy an untarnished flavor and aroma of their tobacco products. However, without the butane to refill it and without the necessary storage procedures, you can find yourself out of luck.

So, what is the proper way to store butane for your refillable lighter? Storing butane fuel simply requires a few precautions and common sense. You’ll find that there is a wide variety of brands and canister sizes of butane and, by law, these containers have to include instructions regarding storing and using the fuel on the canister label. Butane fuel comes in a container that is pressurized. As long as you follow the instructions on the label, you can ensure that you do not have accidents and that you keep the fuel safely on hand.

The first step is to store your butane safely. Keep it in your home, out of the reach of any children.  Most canisters are safe up to a rather high temperature, so even if you live in an extremely warm climate, you will have no worries about safety.  However, you should exercise the same storage techniques for butane as for your torch lighter.  For instance, do not store it in direct sunlight, as this can increase the canister’s temperature to unsafe levels.  Store it in a cool, dry area away from sunlight and any other heat sources.

You should never store your butane in your vehicle, as the interior temperature of vehicles can reach very high ranges during warmer months. If you want to keep your lighter butane supply safe, the best option is to keep it at home, where it is safe from extreme temperature conditions.  Additionally, you should also ensure that the tip of the butane canister remains unclogged and undamaged.  If it does become clogged or damaged through use, removing the clog or discarding the canister and purchasing a new one is the best thing for your needs.  With just a few tips and steps, you can ensure that your butane supply remains safe and sound, providing you with the fuel you need.

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