How Long Does A Zippo Flint Last?

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The Zippo has become an American icon.  We associate it with cool, with class, and with simply being the very best on the market.  While disposable lighters are common, when we see someone with a Zippo, we know that they are serious about smoking, camping, or whatever they may choose to do with their Zippo.  Of course, the reason these lighters are so legendary is that they are made from the best parts and offer great craftsmanship.  Repairs are typically narrowed down only to replacing the flint, wick, and fluid and can be done in a matter of seconds or minutes.

If you are wondering just how often you will have to change the flint in your Zippo lighters, the answer can be a bit tricky.  There is no set amount of time for how long it can last, and it will depend on how often you strike it.  Some people are able to go for months or even years on a single flint, while those who use their Zippos multiple times each day may find themselves doing so every few weeks.  There is no solid answer to this question, though the average is somewhere around 1500 strikes.

The good news about a Zippo flint is that it is both easy an inexpensive to replace.  You will find that the entire process takes only a few very simple steps and that the flints themselves come in multipacks that are incredibly affordable.  Replacing them is a basic part of maintenance and is something that you can learn to do very quickly.  In addition to offering instructions with most lighters and on the replacement flint package, you can also find videos online that show you exactly how to replace the flint inside your Zippo.

Of course, if you are uncomfortable changing the flint yourself, you will also find that you can send the Zippo back to the company to have them do it.  This is certainly time consuming, but if you have an antique model or do not wish to do it yourself, this is an option.

Every Zippo comes with a lifetime guarantee for free repairs.  By simply visiting the Zippo website or contacting them, you can find out how to ship the lighter in, what to send, and what to expect.  The warranty offered by Zippo is second to none and can ensure that you can get any flint replaced easily.

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