Fixing an Improperly Lit Cigar

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Lighting a cigar is something of an art. Improperly-lighting a stogie can compromise the taste and, potentially, can ruin what would otherwise be a fine smoke. Oftentimes, the problem comes down to the lighter used. Cigar lighters have specific characteristics that make them better suited to the task than a standard cigarette lighter. Principally, the wider flame area means that the tobacco is torched more evenly and that the cigar starts burning correctly from the moment it’s first puffed.

Cigar lighters have certain characteristics that help to provide an excellent light every time. Most often, these lighters have a wider flame area which ensures that the heat from the flame is distributed more evenly across the tobacco which prevents hot-spots that must be evened out. If this happens, however, the process of correcting the light and making it more even is fairly easy.

If the cigar is burning hot in one area and smoldering in others, one may simply blow on the foot to even out the temperature. It’s common enough to see even experienced cigar smokers doing this. If this proves inadequate, one may hold the flame to the unlit portion to heat the tobacco up to a good burning temperature. This should be done without drawing on the cigar in most cases. If the cigar is burning very unevenly, one may wish to start over.

After stubbing out the cigar, repeat the entire process starting with the toasting. To toast the tobacco, hold the cigar slightly above the lighter flame until it reaches an even warmth. After this is been done, one lights the cigar by holding the flame slightly below the wrapper and puffing the flame into the tobacco. Because the cigar has been stubbed out and was never lit correctly in the first place, the toasting process must be repeated to ensure proper burn. Without doing so, the cigar will burn unevenly resulting in a poor-quality smoke.

Cigars can be lit with liquid-fuel lighters but this leaves a chemical taste. This taste will be intensified by relighting a cigar to make up for a bad burn. Butane lighters can provide a flavor-free light no matter how long it is held to the tobacco but one must be certain not to overheat the tobacco when relighting it. This will result in a sharp, unpleasant taste. Getting the perfect light takes time and practice but is part of the art of smoking cigars.

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