Different Types of Pipe Tobacco

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If you are just getting into smoking pipes, then you are probably wondering about all of the different kinds of pipe tobacco on the market. The choices can seem overwhelming at first, but after you try a few different types, you should be able to find something that you enjoy. You will find many different brands available, but more than that there are different specific types that are common through a variety of brands. Many choices of aroma and flavor are available, and one of the best ways to find the one that you like best is to experiment. 

One of the most popular types of tobacco is the Virginia blend. The majority of the tobacco grown in the United States comes from Virginia. These tobaccos have a mildly sweet flavor and they are often used in various aromatic blends. Many claim that this tobacco lights easily and burns well, something that can be very important to someone who is just beginning to smoke pipes. Good pipe lighters can help the novice and the expert when it comes to lighting pipes. 

Another popular type of tobacco is the Burley blend, which simply means that the tobacco was air-cured. It usually takes at least two months for the air curing to take place. After the tobacco is ready, many companies then add flavoring to it. This type of pipe tobacco burns slowly and it burns cooler than some other tobaccos. Many people blend this with other tobacco types that burn faster. 

Oriental tobacco, which is sometimes called Turkish tobacco, has a light and spicy flavor.  Latakia, which has a rich taste, is a type of fire cured tobacco and is popular among the spice tobaccos. Cavendish, while some people think it is a type of tobacco, is actually the name for a cutting and curing process that brings out the natural sweetness from the tobacco leaves. 

You are going to find a lot of flavors and types of tobacco when you start shopping for them. Buy some samplers that have a wide variety. Smoke them and then determine what you liked or didn’t like about each type. This will help you to understand the variances in the types of tobacco and should help you find one that you will want as your main type. Keep searching until you find the tobacco that has the flavor that you want.

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