Defining Ligero, Seco And Volado

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When you start your cigar hobby, you will have a great deal to do. You will need to choose the right cigars that you would like to enjoy. You will also need to choose the cigar humidor and cigar accessories so that you can enjoy the hobby. Along the way, you will learn a great deal of different terminology that goes along with the cigars, and you will definitely want to learn what these terms mean. It is through learning these terms. You need to know what these things mean so that you can enjoy your hobby all the more.

These three words very simply refer to different parts of the tobacco plant. Each of these parts is included in each cigar, but the different combinations of the three can affect the taste and aroma of the smoke. Every tobacco plant, no matter what strain, will have the three parts.

Ligero refers to the top portion of the tobacco plant. This top portion will be the most flavorful and will give the cigar the flavor that you will enjoy. However, Ligero alone will not be everything needed to create those perfect smokes in the humidor. The cigar will need portions of the rest of the tobacco plant as well. The next part is called Seco. This will be the middle portion of the plant and this is the portion that will have the wonderful aroma that you will enjoy from the cigar. Seco does not give the smoke much flavor, but instead gives it all of the aroma.

Ligero leaves are very flavorful, but they do not have much aroma. Seco leaves are very aromatic, but they do not have much flavor. Volado leaves do not have much of flavor or aroma. It takes all three types of the leaves to create cigars. Why do you need the Volado? These leaves burn very well, while the other two do not. In order to create a perfect burning cigar, they need Volado leaves. The different combinations of the other two leaves will create different levels of flavor and aroma for the smoke.

When you start your cigar hobby, you will find that there are quite a few things to learn about the smokes that you are placing in your cigar humidor. Make sure you understand all of the terms so that you can pick just the right cigars to enjoy. Ligero, Seco, and Volado simply refer to different parts of the tobacco plant that will all be used in each cigar.

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