What’s the Difference From One Cigar Lighter to the Next?

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A flame is a flame is a flame…right? Not at all! Just try to use a cheap lighter in a strong breeze…you cannot possibly keep the flame alive. This is because the lighter is designed to work only in the best conditions and has no guards or options for supplying the user with flame. You can say a lot about the different types of cigar lighters on the market too. For example, there are very “low end” lighters that are basically meant to be used and tossed in the trash after only a short time, and then there are some models that will last for years, but also come with a hefty price tag.

Which are the right cigar lighters for your needs? We’ll skip to the chase and tell you that any lighter is going to get so much wear and tear that it will eventually need a bit of repair work, and if the thing is poorly made there may not be an option for fixing it. While you can “coast along” for a few years using shoddy lighters, why waste the money and experience the hassles when you can just step up to the plate and invest in a high end model right away.

How do you distinguish? Well, in the world of cigar lighters you can really judge the book by the cover. This means that you can use the exterior design and materials to let you know if the lighter is going to be a worthwhile expense or a waste of time and money. For example, you can find a single flame torch lighter for just a few bucks, and this might serve your needs for a while, but it isn’t going to give you any control over the size of the flame or the rate of fuel consumption.

Instead of continually buying a five or ten dollar lighter, we suggest that you just jump right into the cigar lighters that cost a bit more but which come with the kinds of features and reputations that ensure quality. For instance, you could easily spend around thirty five to forty dollars on a lighter and get it all “tricked out” with dual flames, adjustable controls, and more.

The reason you should go for the higher end cigar lighters is pretty simple…smoking cigars is equal parts experience and quality tobacco. You can have a top rate cigar but an unenjoyable smoking experience because the lighter failed or made it tough to get the cigar started.

Defining Ligero, Seco And Volado

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When you start your cigar hobby, you will have a great deal to do. You will need to choose the right cigars that you would like to enjoy. You will also need to choose the cigar humidor and cigar accessories so that you can enjoy the hobby. Along the way, you will learn a great deal of different terminology that goes along with the cigars, and you will definitely want to learn what these terms mean. It is through learning these terms. You need to know what these things mean so that you can enjoy your hobby all the more.

These three words very simply refer to different parts of the tobacco plant. Each of these parts is included in each cigar, but the different combinations of the three can affect the taste and aroma of the smoke. Every tobacco plant, no matter what strain, will have the three parts.

Ligero refers to the top portion of the tobacco plant. This top portion will be the most flavorful and will give the cigar the flavor that you will enjoy. However, Ligero alone will not be everything needed to create those perfect smokes in the humidor. The cigar will need portions of the rest of the tobacco plant as well. The next part is called Seco. This will be the middle portion of the plant and this is the portion that will have the wonderful aroma that you will enjoy from the cigar. Seco does not give the smoke much flavor, but instead gives it all of the aroma.

Ligero leaves are very flavorful, but they do not have much aroma. Seco leaves are very aromatic, but they do not have much flavor. Volado leaves do not have much of flavor or aroma. It takes all three types of the leaves to create cigars. Why do you need the Volado? These leaves burn very well, while the other two do not. In order to create a perfect burning cigar, they need Volado leaves. The different combinations of the other two leaves will create different levels of flavor and aroma for the smoke.

When you start your cigar hobby, you will find that there are quite a few things to learn about the smokes that you are placing in your cigar humidor. Make sure you understand all of the terms so that you can pick just the right cigars to enjoy. Ligero, Seco, and Volado simply refer to different parts of the tobacco plant that will all be used in each cigar.

Get More Accurate Readings of the Humidity Inside Your Cigar Humidor

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If you love your cigars, and you want to make sure that they have an ideal environment to rest and age within, then the proper investment in a cigar humidor is necessary. But did you know that there is an even more vital piece of equipment that you will need before your cigar hobby can truly begin? A hygrometer is a piece of technology that reads the humidity levels inside your humidor. It will tell you if things are too dry or too wet, and it will allow you to adjust the controlled environment to perfection. It is for this reason that the hygrometer is so important. Without it, or even with a faulty hygrometer, you might as well dump your cigars in a trashcan and walk away. That’s how important it is.

The number one reason that you will get inaccurate readings on your hygrometer is that it is not calibrated properly. Hygrometers come in two main types: digital and analog. Many cigar enthusiasts prefer digital hygrometers because they are easier to read, often come with temperature reading technology installed, and because they are, on average, easier to adjust. That being said, many cigar enthusiasts love their analog hygrometers. It is purely a matter of personal preference. The most important thing is that you know how the controls on your particular unit operate.

You should test the calibration on your hygrometer every year at the very least. If you are very picky, and careful, you should probably check the calibration more frequently than that. There are a couple of different ways you can test the calibration on your hygrometer. The salt test will help you determine if your hygrometer is properly calibrated, and if it is not, how much it needs to be adjusted by.

For the salt test, you will need some table salt, distilled water, a small plastic container, like a bottle cap, and a plastic baggie. Put the table salt in the container, and then add distilled water until a thick paste has formed. Place the container with the paste into the plastic baggie with the hygrometer, and create an airtight seal. Leave the baggie for at least 6 hours. Take your time. It may take longer to get a proper reading. Once the test is complete, your hygrometer should read 75%. If it does not, adjust the calibration.

It cannot be overstated just how important a properly calibrated hygrometer is to the maintenance of your cigars and the environment inside your humidor.

What Does It Mean To Cap A Cigar?

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Understanding the many terms related to the world of cigar smoking will help you to gain a deeper appreciation for the popular hobby and will assist you in enhancing your smoking experience. Capping is one term that most people who do not enjoy cigars will be unaware of. This term refers to cutting the end of a cigar cap off. While not all cigars will include caps, many do and it is important to understand how to cap a cigar properly.

New smokers typically get excited about enjoying their first smoke with a few of their friends, but might feel intimidated by not knowing some of the language their friends are using. For example, a friend who is a more experienced smoker might mention something about “capping.” Most new smokers do not know what that term means. Capping is basically the process of cutting and removing the cap from the head of the cigar so that it can be smoked.

The cap is glued to the head of the cigar in order to hold the cigar together and to keep the wrapper from unraveling and the tobacco from falling out and drying out. The cap keeps the whole cigar together and helps preserve the moisture of the tobacco and its flavor. Capping is an extremely important part of the cigar smoking experience. The quality of the capping will dramatically impact the quality of the cigar’s flavor.

It’s important to note that there are many different types of cutters out there as well. In addition to those listed above, some people prefer to use a sharp knife for capping their cigars. Others prefer to use cigar scissors to do the job. You should experiment with different cutters to find the style that you prefer.

As you can see, there are many ways to accomplish cigar capping. Most cigar fans try out several different ways of capping before settling on one method. The type of capping you choose may also depend on the shape and/or size of a cigar.

What To Look For In A Cigar Lighter

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Cigar lighters are an essential part of properly enjoying your cigar smoking experience. Smoking a cigar is a lot different than smoking a cigarette. In cigarette smoking, you inhale the smoke, but when smoking a cigar you let the smoke waft in your mouth and exhale so that you get the flavor of the cigar. Cigarettes are also different in appearance, as they are shorter and much thinner than cigars. Cigarettes are made from dried tobacco leaves, while cigars are made with moist leaves. Cigars and cigarettes are also different in that they need to be lit different.
For purists, the only lighting solution that really works for cigars is small wood strips. These can be lit with almost anything, but the purist will insist on not contaminating the cigar with the taste of lighter fluid from a lighter. With wood, you don’t have to worry about any off flavors getting into your tobacco. Of course, that’s not the most convenient option for smokers.
Butane lighters provide a clean burning fuel and allow users to produce a desirable flame size. You can find quality butane lighters that are resistant to wind and water. If you spend a lot of time outdoors, these factors will become important to you. Butane torch lighters are very suitable for outdoor use and can produce an easily controllable flame.
Another popular type of cigar lighter is the torch lighter. This type of lighter also uses butane for fuel. The fuel burns with a high intensity that causes the flame to burn a bluish or greenish color, similar to a blow torch used in welding. The torch lighter will ensure that your cigar has a nice even burn to it, just like a flint lighter. The major difference lies in the fact that if you do not use your torch lighter properly and leave the flame on the cigar too long, it can char the cigar and negatively impact the taste.
The best option is to compare the various lighting methods yourself. Use wood strips, matches and different lighter styles and find out what works best for you. Just because one smoker finds lighters to be unfavorable doesn’t mean that you’ll come to the same conclusion. Cigar smoking is a highly individual pastime and you should make sure that you find the tools that work best for you.

Tips For Using A V-Cutter To Cut A Cigar

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Cigar smokers are bringing back the popularity of the V-Cutter. This type of cutter creates a wedge-shaped cut in the cap of the cigar allowing greater air flow. Smokers who prefer to take a big draw from their cigars will appreciate V-Cutters. These devices are inexpensive, easy to use, and convenient to carry in your pocket. Modern V-Cutters are designed well and usually create a clean cut that does not leave loose bits of tobacco at the end of your cigar.

First, make sure you have a firm grip on your cigar. Hold the cutter in the other hand with the ends open. Put the cap (or head) of the cigar in the opening in the cutter. Once it is firmly in place, insert one finger in each hole on the cutter ends and close them. The blade will leave a v-shaped cut in the head of the cigar. Pull the cutter away and you should find a clean cut, with little or no loose tobacco that needs to be removed.

While the v-cutter has become one of the most popular options for cigar smokers, it does have some drawbacks not associated with other cutters. For instance, you cannot sharpen the blade on these devices. That means that once they become dull and useless, you need to throw it away. Of course, they’re pretty affordable so replacing them is really not an issue. The blades are also not replaceable, so it will have to be a full unit replacement, rather than simply replacing the blades when they wear out.

If you have already invested in cigar accessories such as a humidor, then you are well on your way to becoming a serious cigar smoker. With time, you will discover that there are a number of accessories that will enhance or diminish your smoking experience. Cigar cutters are one of the most important cigar tools and should be chosen with your preferences in mind. There are many to choose from with the guillotine, bullet, and V-Cutters being among the most popular.

V-cutters are very good at what they do, and are favored by those who want the most control possible over their draw and the cleanliness of the cut on the cigar. Even if you don’t think that you’ll make the switch permanently, these are very much worth a look and even trying out once or twice on your smokes to see how they work for you.

How Should I Hold A Cigar?

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There are some cigar aficionados who spend a significant amount of time arguing over the finer points of cigar smoking etiquette. Questions concerning whether or not to remove the label before smoking a cigar have been argued ad nauseam, and there are still individuals who stand firmly on both sides of the fence. Another question that often comes up for cigar smoking newbies is how to properly hold a cigar. Once again, there isn’t just one way and how you hold cigars will depend on what feels best for you.

Most cigar smokers will agree that holding a cigar like you would a cigarette would be a mistake. While many believe it’s simply bad etiquette to hold a cigar like a cigarette, there is also a practical reason for not doing so. When you hold a cigar between your index finger and your middle finger, you are more than likely to drop it. The larger width of most cigars necessitates a firmer grip than cannot be provided by the fingers you’d use while holding a cigarette.

When holding the cigar, squeeze it gently between your thumb and forefinger. You should feel some give there. If the wrapper “crunches”, then you need to leave the smoke alone and opt for something different. Wrappers that are extremely stale crunch when squeezed because they’re brittle. Any smoke that has gotten to this point is no longer worth smoking.

Hold the Cigar: Holding the cigar properly while smoking is also important. Much of this will depend on the size and thickness of the cigar, as well as the size of your hands. Generally, you’ll hold the cigar between your index and middle finger, steadied by your thumb if necessary. Other smokers prefer to hold the cigar in a different way – it all boils down to what’s most comfortable for you as the smoker.

In time, you will not only know how to properly hold a cigar, you will also know how to judge a cigar based partly on its feel. Hold the cigar using a soft grip and feel it from one end to the other in order to check for consistency. If there are uneven, soft, or hard spots, it will not draw smoothly. As you become an experienced cigar smoker, you will begin to acquire your own unique smoking habits and cigar accessories that will enhance your experience.

Cheap and High End Cigar Lighters: Are There Differences?

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When you start your cigar hobby, one of the first things you will notice is that the right cigar accessories are certainly not low in price. In fact, having everything you will need to truly enjoy this hobby will require quite an investment. However, there are certain accessories that will be worth the investment. When it comes to choosing the right torch lighter, you will want to consider making more of an investment. A high end lighter is quite different from a cheap lighter. However, if you are having trouble understanding why, here are a few details you will need to know. Before you ever choose a torch lighter, you will want to consider this.

When you take a look at a cheap lighter, you will see that they are not necessarily made very well. Many cheap lighters are made quickly and cheaply in factories. This means that a torch lighter you pay little for will be one that will most likely malfunction or tear up quite quickly. If you choose a cheap lighter, you will most likely have to replace it within a matter of years or months. When it comes to being able to enjoy your cigar hobby, you will definitely not want to keep replacing your torch lighter.

Your other option is the high end cigar lighter. These lighters are made in a different way. For the manufacturers of the high end torch lighter, cost is not an option. Instead, the expense is outweighed by the ability for the lighter to work properly on an ongoing basis. When you choose a high end lighter, you can count on it to continue working every time that you want to strike it for your cigar.

Does this mean that all high end cigar lighters will always work and that all cheap cigar lighters will always tear up? You can never say that one rule is true no matter what. You could find a high end torch lighter that causes you problems from time to time. You could also purchase a cheap lighter that continues to be reliable no matter what. However, these cases are few.

If you are choosing your torch lighter, your best decision would be to invest in a high end lighter. Then, you could keep a cheap cigar lighter on hand should you need to have your high end investment cleaned or maintained. This way, you can make sure you are always prepared to light your cigar.

Easily Skin a Tomato with a Torch Lighter

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Many people make a mistake when it comes to their cooking torch. They assume that since the torch is used to caramelize sugar for desserts, that is all it can be used for. Actually though, there are many uses for the lighter and some of them are extremely practical. If you want to make the most of your lighter torch, then you need to learn about these practical uses. You will be surprised at the many things you can do with that torch.

Consider the tomato. The tomato has a very thin skin. It cannot be peeled like you would a thicker skinned fruit like an apple or an orange. In fact, it is almost impossible to skin a tomato in any normal way. Many people make use of a method that involved dropping the tomato into boiling water and then removing it quickly. The biggest problem with this method is that the tomato almost always gets soggy. No one wants a soggy tomato. There is another way to skin the tomato without having to damage the tomato itself.

Take a look at the lighter torch you have in your kitchen drawer. That torch can be used in just this situation. All you need to do is turn the flame of the torch up to the high setting. Then, you will just need to run the torch over the tomato. Be sure to keep the flame about an inch from the tomato itself. You will need to work quickly and allow the torch to just barely blacken the tomato.

Then, when you place the tomato under cold running water, the skin of it will simply fall away. When this happens, the tomato itself will retain its original ripe crispness. You will not have to worry about damaging the tomato at all. You will also not have to worry about any of the skin being left on the tomato. Just be sure to always keep the torch moving so that you do not burn any one area. Additionally, be sure to not burn your hands as you make use of the lighter torch.

When you have a recipe that requires you skin a tomato, the last thing you will want to do is try to find a method that will work without damaging the tomato. Instead, all you will need to do is make use of that lighter and you can easily have a perfectly skinned tomato.

Are Cuban Cigars the Strongest in Taste?

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When you first begin your cigar hobby, one of the things you will most likely be interested in from the very beginning will be the Cuban. Cuban cigars are more well known than any cigars from anywhere else in the world. There is good reason for this, but it of course begs questions that you may not know the answers for. If you have never smoked a Cuban cigar, or if you are creating your cigar and cigar accessories collection, then you will want to know those answers.

To start with, what is special about the Cuban cigar? This is the first question you will want answered. The Cuban people have been perfecting their cigar for many years. In fact, the climate and soil on the island are the perfect conditions to create extremely flavorful tobacco. Since tobacco has been the chief crop of Cuba for many thousands of years, it has given the people of Cuba plenty of time to learn how to create an excellent cigar.

Does the Cuban cigar have a stronger taste than others? Many people wonder about the Cuban simply because they may think that it may be more bold. However, this is not necessarily true. If you ask anyone who hand rolls cigars, they will tell you immediately that the mildness or boldness of the cigar will be based on what part of the tobacco plant is chosen for filler. The people of Cuba learned this many years ago, and they are able to use that to their advantage.

The experts in Cuba that roll cigars know that the top part of the tobacco plant is boldest and the middle part of the plant is mildest. This means that it all depends on how they balance the filler for the cigar. A Cuban cigar can range from very mild to very bold just like cigars from other parts of the world. When you are collecting your cigars and cigar accessories, you do not have to assume that Cuban cigars will be stronger than any other option.

When you are starting your cigar hobby and you are collecting your cigars and cigar accessories, you will read a great deal about the Cuban cigar. While the Cuban cigar may be more flavorful and more expertly rolled than other options, this does not necessarily mean that they are stronger than any other option. You can find bold cigars from many different countries, including Cuba.